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Knew I hadn’t posted anything in a while, but didn’t realize that it had been almost a year. So, OK, ummm. “Fallout 4”. Bought it, played it, finished it, liked it, but it didn’t grab me like Fallout 3 and New Vegas did. Only a couple of playthroughs and I put it aside. Steam picked up the “Automatron” DLC automatically (Seasons Pass), but I haven’t played it. Did another playthrough of Witcher 3 and had a good time with it. Completed my Sims 3 collection (except Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats – let’s not go there) during the Winter Sale and have likely spent more hours doing The Sims 3 than anything else for the past few months. Replayed Mass Effect 3 from an uploaded saved game (mine are still on my old rig, which isn’t starting due to fried RAM and I don’t feel like doing the Frankenstein thing to retrieve them). I was pleasantly surprised at being able to finish it, even with the EC ending. Still leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but it didn’t leave me raging. Even went back to fire up the original (with a few tweaks and the MEUITM mod from the Nexus).

Can’t claim massive amounts of time on my games, though, thanks to grad school. Semester will be over in a couple of weeks, so I’ll likely have a bit more free time to do that, but the Summer sessions will be starting up at the beginning of June and that will put another damper on it. Frankly, seminars are turning out to be more fun than the games. Still hate writing papers, though.