Story Walkthrough

Completing the story involves finishing ten missions. None are terribly complicated and all come with pretty clear in-game instructions. Expect to spend no more than a few hours playing through it (4-6 if you stick to the plan). By the time you finish, you should be pretty proficient at keeping your Single happy and the trick will be keeping three Singles happy in free-form play. Yep, you got it. The whole story is there to entertain you while you're learning how to do all of the things that need to be done in the game. Remember that there is no significant difference between playing Anna and playing Josh, so "you" means whichever one you're playing and Anna/Josh refers to the character that you don't control.

  1. Tutorial
  2. Moving in, moving on
  3. He/She WILL Be Mine
  4. Hands To Work
  5. The Gardener
  6. What's Cooking?
  7. Turning a New Leaf
  8. To The Bar!
  9. Mike Davis
  10. Party Time!


1. Go to Kim

Just click the white question-mark. No biggie. You'll be given instructions on how to zoom and rotate your view. Do it until the conversation starts up again.

2. Look around the apartment.

There are three big white question-marks in the apartment: the kitchen, the bathroom and your room. Just click on each one to go there. Let's start with the kitchen since it's closest. If you go into the two bedrooms with furniture, you'll find out that the small one is Kim's and the larger one (with the double bed) is Anna/Josh's. As you will find, you can go into Kim's room with no problems, but if you go into Anna/Josh's room while she/he is there, you will get kicked out. You get a freebie warning (different warning depending upon which character you are playing) the first time you go in when Anna/Josh is not there.

3. Get something to eat from the fridge.

Click on the fridge and press 'Snack' to complete the mission. Your hunger level is actually pretty low for so early in the morning, so you might want to consider eating a full meal fairly soon by cooking or waiting until the "get meal" option is available on the fridge. It takes 12 hours for your hunger meter to go from full to zero, so plan on eating at least twice a day.

4. Take a shower.

Click on the question-mark in the bathroom, then click on the shower and press 'Have a shower' . You're now unfunkified (and there was much rejoicing). You need to take a shower at least once every 48 hours or other Singles will start complaining about the aromas emanating from your general area.

You don't get messages on this, but you need to wash your hands, brush your teeth and use the toilet once per day. You also need to do laundry, but how often you have to do it depends upon how many different outfits you have. Each outfit can be worn for about three days (72 hours) before it becomes a bit ripe. If you see a dirty shirt icon down on your hygiene bar, you'll know that it's time to use the washing machine. So a lot of different outfits means that you can go longer between laundries, but more to wash means more time spent at the washing machine.

Don't add the Booster extensions until after you complete this task. I've been completely stuck with the game not recognizing that I've taken a shower, in spite of spending an entire day taking showers (fortunately, Singles don't get all pruny after spending too much time in the water). I can't say for sure, but I think it has to do with the fact that the Booster extension changes the shower menu. If you're going to use it, complete the tutorial tasks, save, quit, add the Booster extension and relaunch.

5. Buy yourself a bed and put it in your room.

You shop by entering build-mode. Click the little house icon near the bottom of your control panel, find the "Furniture" icon (second from the right) and then either click the "Beds" button or scroll down until you see the three single beds. You only have $496, so there isn't a whole lot you can buy at this point (stuff you cannot afford is grayed out - sorry, Visa is not accepted at this store). Pick the bed you want and place it anywhere in the room to complete the mission. Note that a better bed will recharge your Energy meter faster so you can start the day with a full meter.

At the moment, you can't leave the apartment, but Kim ditched work to help get you settled in. So take this opportunity to go chat her up. Use all options as they become available until her short-term relationship bars are maxed out in all three categories (it might take a couple of days to do this as you need to have a few long-term Friendship points before the Romantic options become available). The short-term bars will deteriorate at the rate of 3 points per hour, so you'll need to chat her up every day (preferably at night) to keep those bars maxed. Be warned that Anna/Josh will be aware of your relationship with Kim. Having any strong Romantic or Erotic relaltionships might cause a jealousy issue later. (Back to Top)

Moving in, Moving on

1. Give Magnet a call.

Click on the phone and press 'Ask Magnet for help'. If you're ever stuck in story-mode, you can call Magnet and get some clues on what to do next. Magnet will invite you down to his bar.

2. Meet Magnet and talk with him.

Click on the stairs and click 'Go to Bar (Open 12PM to 2AM)' if you can. If it's greyed out, then wait until 1200 to go there. At normal speed, about 1 second of real time is equal to 1 minute of game time.

Once at the bar, click on Magnet and press "'Ask Magnet for help". You tell Magnet that you've moved in with Anna/Josh and that you want to spend time with her/him. Magnet says that you must "know the enemy". He means snooping into Anna's/Josh's room when she/he isn't around.

OK, it's time to start working on your relationship needs. You have three: Friendship, Romance and Erotic. Notice that you know three people: Josh, Kim and Magnet. Your relations with Magnet are pretty decent at the moment, so click on him again and use the available options. You can use each option multiple times, but you get smaller increases from repeated actions. Budget about 15 minutes for each conversation.

There are also two or three other people in the bar (usually two opposite sex Singles and one same sex Single - yes, you can swing both ways). Go talk to them. The only options that you have with them at this point are Small Talk, Tell a Joke and Flirt because you don't know them yet. So go chat them up until you're satisfied (the first time that you talk to another Single, they will appear on the list of people you know). When you're done, click on the door and select "Leave Bar" to go back to the apartment.

You have to meet someone in the bar before they will appear on your "Call" menu. And it's pretty much the same thing with the "Invite" menu although high relationships will sometimes let you invite people that you meet in the apartment. The game expects you to meet new Singles in the bar, not in the apartment. At this point in time, you are the only one who can go to the bar (Kim and Anna/Josh are computer-controlled and won't go on their own). So once you're finished, Kim and Anna/Josh are going to have to go clubbing for a few days until they know the same people that you do or else you're going to have to be the one to do all of the Calling and Inviting.

3. Find a way to get in touch with Anna/Josh again.

Leave the bar and finish out the rest of the day. You're going to be late getting to work tomorrow, anyway, so don't worry too much about being hungry and you took a shower this morning so funk should not be problem.

If you did what you should, you've probably got a skill point to distribute when you sleep tonight. To complete the story, you need to boost your Cooking skill by at least 1 point (which does not necessarily require a skill point) and your Creativity by 3 points (which does). If you're interested in completing the story quickly to unlock free-play mode, assign the first three skill points to Creativity and then assign other points wherever you think best. Otherwise, role-play it to your heart's content.

Note that Kim and Anna/Josh will not have any skill points to add until story-mode is completed. This does not mean that they aren't collecting experience and levels, but only that you won't get to distribute those points until free-play mode starts and they go to sleep.

See my comment at the end of the "Party Time!" mission about the argument. Kim and Anna/Josh are pretty close to slobs when it comes to keeping the apartment clean. They'll leave dirty dishes on the table until there is no place left to sit, won't take out the trash, won't clean the toilet and won't clean the table more than once or twice a week. They will, however, vaccuum occasionally. Anyway, if you take care of these items, be aware that you are building up a load of "Justice" issues that could blow up when you gain control over all three characters. So either learn to live like a slob or put off these chores until the last possible moment to avoid the problem.

Wait until both Anna/Josh and Kim go to work, then go into the large bedroom. Click on the wardrobe (the big thing behind the bathroom), and click search to find a key Next, click on the photo album (on the table, between the fishbowl and the fountain) and press search to see fond memories being preserved.

Since you have a two-hour window in which to go to work, you'll probably have time to do your snooping wihtout losing any money for the day. If you hadn't noticed, money gets added to the available funds as each Single returns from work eacy day, not in a bug lump at the end of the week. (Back to Top)

She/He WILL be mine

1. Win Anna/Josh's friendship back.

Time to start chatting up Anna/Josh. Use all of the actions in the Friendship and Fun menus except argue. Don't try to Flirt with Anna/Josh yet. If you do, you will fail, so you're just wasting time. But more importantly, when you fail at a conversation topic with another character, that relationship actually loses short-term points and you don't need that at this time. So Small Talk and Tell a Joke (Gossip is available, but doesn't work because you're still on the outs) until the short-term bar is maxed out.

Over the next couple or three days, you'll notice that that Anna/Josh's long-term bar is growing. Repeat the Friendship options to keep the short-term relationship maxed. Each night, about 2 hours after you fall asleep, the game recalculates your relationships with everyone you know. The long-term relationships will improve by about 1/3 of the difference between short-term and long-term bars. When it reaches about half way, Anna/Josh will come talk to you and this little task will be complete.

2. Show Anna/Josh your romantic side (Optional)

This task is unlocked after you complete the "What's Cooking?" mission. You can't flirt with Anna/Josh (it still won't work), but you can use Romantic options until your mousing finger falls off. Get Anna/Josh's long-term romantic bar at least half way to complete this task and open up the next.

3. Give Anna/Josh the hots for you (Optional)

This mission opens up after you finish the romantic one and works just like the other, but now you're going to use every Erotic option available to get that engine revving. Get Anna/Josh's long-term Erotic bar at least half-way up to complete this task and the mission. You get a nice kiss for your efforts, but you should also find the "Invite to Bed" option available (if not, give it a day or so for the long-term bar to catch up). (Back to Top)

Hands to Work

1. Buy these items: a large carpet, an oriental table, two cushions and a bedouin tent.

You're going to spend some serious cash for these (well over a thousand), so you will need to work for a few days until you have enough money available. There are two available choices for each item except the tent.

Carpet (at the bottom under "Domestics and Appliances"): one for $10 and one for $625
Oriental Table (with "coffee tables" under "Furnishings"): both cost $425
Cushions (with "Sofas" under "Furnishings"): one for $65 and one for $125 (the cheap one has a back and must be faced properly before it can be used)
Bedouin Tent (with "Patio and garden" under "Furnishings"): $725

2. Get lots of candles for a cozy atmosphere.

Candles are under 'Domestics and Appliances' (second button on the left) in 'Decoration and Candles'. There are two different photos of the setup. The one in the album shows pillar candles and the one on the mission tab shows five-pronged candelabras. Any candle will do, really, and there only needs to be one. But you can always sell all of this stuff back after you finish the mission, so go for the gusto.

After you've purchsed these items, arrange them as they were in the photo: table on the carpet, cushions on opposite sides of the table with candles off to the sides of the table. Put the Bedouin tent on top of all of that with the four legs on the four corners of the carpet and you should be done. You'll know when you have everything arranged correctly because you'll a message to that effect.

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The Gardener

This mission pops up on the second day or so. Kim will suggest it to you. If you're going to spend points on your Cooking skill, it's not necessary, but it will save you time when it comes to cooking meals by boosting your cooking skill one point. Don't forget to water it every day or you'll lose the bonus. The herb garden has no effect if you're cooking level is at 4, but you will still get a couple of "Fun" points from watering it.

As an interesting side-note, what shows up on the plate when you cook changes depending upon your Cooking skill.

level 1, you cook spaghetti ($20)
level 2 you cook fish and potatotes ($30)
level 3 you cook a steak dinner ($45)
level 4 you cook a lobster dinner ($ ??)
If you are level 4 and have the herb garden going, you'll cook something called "Fugu," which is actually a species of pufferfish (takifugu, to be precise), but it looks like sushi

Also take note that a cooked meal will fill up your Hunger meter better than grabbing something from the fridge. Of course it also costs more than food from the fridge, but the cooked meal will serve several people. Note that cooked food disappears from the stove after a couple of hours (game-time).

1. Purchase an herb-garden.

The herb-garden is in 'Domestics and Appliances' under 'Kitchen Cupboards and appliances' and costs $30.

2. Take care of it and let the herbs grow.

The herb garden has to be watered two or three times over a couple of days before you'll gain the bonus (you'll know when it kicks in because you'll see another option when you cook or new food will start showing up on the table when someone else does. (Back to Top)

What's Cooking?

1. Improve your cooking skills.

Either spend a skill point on cooking or buy the herb garden. Either one works.

2. Prepare a delicious meal for Josh and yourself.

You can't do this until you've improved your cooking skills and you should wait until 1830 or thereabouts so that the meal will be ready by 1900. You can't do the inviation to dinner before 1900 or after 2100. Click on the stove and press 'Cook normal/good/great'. Don't choose 'cook simple' - it doesn't count for this task. Also, you must do the dinner invitation within two hours of cooking the meal or the food will disappear from the stove and you'll have to start over again.

I always wait to do this until after Simon/Natasha has shown up and gone clubbing with Anna/Josh for the first time (usually happens on Thursday, Friday or Saturday of the first week). It never seems to fail that if I try to do it as soon as possible, Simon/Natasha will show up right when I'm ready to do the dinner invite and the work has gone to waste. Until later, your only dialog options with Simon/Natasha is "Small Talk", which gets you a "hello". After you enter free-play mode, Simon/Natasha will behave like any other Single.

3. Invite Josh to your romantic candle-lit dinner.

Remember to wait until at least 19:00 before inviting Anna/Josh! Once you've cooked the meal, click on Anna/Josh and press 'Invite to candlelit dinner'. You can't invite unless you've bumped up Anna/Josh's long-term Friendhsip meter in the first task of the "She/He WILL be mine" mission. Unless you've made prior arrangements by reading ahead, Kim's going to want to join in on the fun when you invite Anna/Josh to dinner. So your next mission is going to have to be getting rid of Kim so you two can be alone..

4. You need to get rid of Kim.

This whole "Get Rid of Kim" process can be done at any time after you purchase the furnishings, so if something goes wrong, just repeat it, give Kim the ticket and then invite Anna/Josh to dinner.

'Talk with Kim' to find out that she likes martial arts and would love to go to a taekwando match. "Talk with Kim" again to find out that she buys her tickets and stuff online.

5. Buy a ticket for Kim.

Click on the computer in Anna/Josh's room and select "Internet-shopping" to purchase the ticket (costs $50) and then "Talk to Kim" again to give it to her. She will take off for the event, so you can now invite Anna/Josh to your dinner in peace. On the bright side of the expense, buying the tickets for Kim will really boost your Friendship meter with her.

If your dinner is spoiled by something, you'll have to do the whole dinner process again, so cook the meal, do the inviation (wait until 1900 or later), talk to Kim twice, purchase the ticket, give Kim the ticket and redo the invitation. On the second try, she wants to go see an Arnold Nilsenshigger film about a movie action hero who becomes Governor of California (cost: $75). if you have to try a third time, it's a fashion show ticket (I missed the cost, but it's at least $75). You're on your own for the cost of any other attempts. (Back to Top)

Turning a new leaf

1. You'll need a microphone, an amplifier, and a guitar.

You already have a guitar (it's in your room), so you need an amplifier and a microphone. Both are under "Hobby Accessories" in "Consumer Electronics". The amp costs $290 and the mike costs $169. When you place them, make sure that they are relatively close together and that you have room to use them.

2. Record a CD of your songs.

You'll need to have a Creativity level of at least 2 in order to complete this successfully. Although you can attempt it with a Creativity of 1, it comes off poorly and will not complete the mission (Magnet says something about slaughtering animals, I think) You can only do the CD during the day, which means after 0900, so either do it on a weekend or plan on being late for work. Just click on the microphone, amplifier or guitar to make the recording.

3. Improve your guitar-playing skills.

Raise your Creativity to at least level 2.

4. Give Anna/Josh your dedicated CD.

You have two options for doing this. Either try to give it to Anna/Josh directly or talk to Magnet first.

If you choose to talk to Magnet first, take the completed CD, go to the bar and talk to Magnet. He will tell you that Anna/Josh and Simon/Natasha have reservations for this evening. Either wait for them to show up or go back to the apartment and wait for Magnet to call.

If you choose to give the CD to Anna/Josh directly, you'll be rejected and Magnet will call you a bit later in the evening to tell you that Anna/Josh and Simon/Natasha are in the bar and you should get down there. (Back to Top)

To the bar!

1. Meet Anna/Josh at the bar.

So go to the bar already! Jeez! Did you want an engraved invitation?

2. Find a way to get rid of Simon/Natasha. Let Linda/Simon, Nicolas/Linda, and Bernie/Ellen help you.

OK, this is where it's going to get a little confusing because some of the characters in the bar change depending on whether you're playing Anna or Josh and also because Simon and Linda show up in both instances. If you're playing Anna, you want Ellen to hook up with Simon. If you're playing Josh, you want Bernie to hook up with Linda. Maybe if I do this in two different colors, it will make it easier - red if you're playing Anna and blue if you're playing Josh (I'd do pink [how sexist of me], but it would kind of blend in with the backgound color).

Give the CD to Anna/Josh (you'll be rejected) to unlock the rest of the mission.

'Small Talk' with Linda/Nicolas, Ellen/Bernie and Simon/Linda in no particular order.

Here's the short story of what you'd find out if you went through all of the dialog options with all three of them:

Simon is the only guy that Natasha has struck out with and
Linda is the only girl that Simon has struck out wiith and

Natasha/Simon is not happy about it. So you need to throw a monkey wrench into the relationship with Anna/Josh in order to advance your own.

This will get you to the hook-ups with a minimum of fuss and bother:

Simon/Linda: Compliment
Linda/Nicolas: Gossip
Ellen/Bernie: Gossip
LInda/Nicolas: Comfort

If you'd rather have the whole story first-hand, just go through all dialog options with all three a few times and make sure that you talk to LInda/Nicolas last. (Back to Top)

Mike Davis

1. Meet Mike at the bar and invite him to jam with you.

After you complete the "Go to the bar!" mssion, Magnet will call you to let you know that Mike Davis is down in the bar and that you should come talk to him to pick up some pointers. So head on down to the bar.

Click on Mike and select 'Ask for jam session'. Unless you came dressed to kill, Mike is going to dis your outfit and send you off to shop for some clothes. Remember that there is no chest of drawers in the bar so you'll have to go back to the apartment to change clothes.

If you already have an acceptable outfit, you need to have a few points of long-term Friendship built up with Mike. If not, chat him up and come back to the bar when the long-term meter has caught up in a day or two. If you have the outfit and the relationship points, Mike will tell you to call him (which means run back up to the apartment and "invite" him over).

2. Buy some decent clothes.

If you are playing Anna, buy the 'Ruby Dress' in the clothing shop for $189 and put it on. Other outfits will probably work (any of the other characters' normal outfits will not work), but I know that this one does. If you are playing Josh, buy the "Elegant White Suit" and put it on. Again, other outfits will work (as long as it is not a normal outfit for one of the other characters), but this one definitely does. Now, return to the bar, select Mike and "Ask for jam session" again.

You've got to become friends with Mike in order to complete the rest of the mission. Essentially, Mike needs to be "invitable" (meaning that he appears on the "invite" menu when you click the telephone). Until he does appear on your "Invite" menu, you're stuck. This isn't as bad as it sounds. All you need are a few points in long-term Friendship before you can invite someone to the apartment. So if you haven't already chatted up Mike while visiting the bar earlier, do it now. You'll need to wait a day and come back to the bar to meet with Mike again.

When Mike is "invitable", he'll tell you to call him. You might be able to make Mike invitable by telephone (I haven't tried it). Use the "Call" option from the phone menu a few times and then wait a day for the long-term meter to catch up. All you need to be able to "Call" someone is to have met them at the bar and talked once or twice. But in either case, you'll still have to go back down to the bar so Mike will give you the "call me" dialog.

3. Invite Mike to your apartment.

Now, put on your new duds, click on the phone, select "Invite" and click on Mike's picture. If his picture isn't there and you've chatted him up at the bar, give it a day to let the long-term meter catch up.

You need a piano, a microphone and a guitar for the jam session. You already have the amp, guitar and microphone, so it's time to buy a piano. There is a $1500 upright piano or a $7800 baby grand that I know will work. The $900 keyboard might work, but if money is that tight, just work another day or two (you're pulling in a minimum of $600 per day at the start of the game, plus any raises you might have bought with your skill points) until you have the money. You can always sell the piano back, but you'll have to buy it again for the "Party Time!" mission.

If the game does not recognize that you already have an amplifier, you probably need to install the v.1.2 patch (which you should have already done if you're following my instructions). Otherwise, spring the $290 for a second one and hope for the best.

4. Jam with Mike a couple of times.

Change into your new outfit again. Make sure that all of the instruments are accessible, then click on Mike and "Ask for jam session" again. You need to jam with Mike at least twice to complete the mission. Mike can only jam once per day, so you'll have to wait until the next day before you can invite him to come jam again. If you're not up to his standards, Mike will tell you that you need to practice and the next task will appear on your list.

5. Improve your guitar-playing skills

Raise your Creativity again. It also means that you need to paractice. So make sure that you "Play Guitar" at least once every day until you invite Mike back over for another jam session. In the interim, you'll notice that all of your "Mike Davis" tasks are unchecked again. That's OK. They'll stay checked when you do the last jam session. You'll know when it's time to call for the final jam session when the "improve your guitar-playing skills" task is checked off. (Back to Top)

Party Time!

1. Buy a disco ball, a few sets of party lights and a couple of concert speakers.

What? You've never shopped before? They're all under "Consumer Electronics". Expect to spend somewhere between $500 and $1000 (don't panic - you can always sell it back after the party's over). You might have a problem placing the disco ball from above. If so, rotate the view down and place it while looking up. All of these decorations need to be placed in the living room. Where you put them is pretty much up to you.

2. You'll need your microphone, amplifier and guitar and a piano for Mike.

That part's aready done because you had to have them to do the previous mission.

3. Set up the living room with these items.

You can put the items wherever you'd like as long as it's in the living room. Try to make it as cozy as possible (click the coziness button in build mode and try to get everything as close to green as possible), but keep the musical equipment close together. As you probably discovered from the jam sessions, facing the wall while you perform gives strange camera behavior. Face the microphone so that you're looking out into the room while performing and make sure you leave enough room to get behind it.

4. You've got to become acquainted with more people to invite them.

You need to have at least three people that are 'invitable'. Mike and Magnet make two, so you really only need one. If you don't have anyone else on your "Invite" menu, head down to the bar and start chatting!

5. Invite guests. Make sure that all your friends are there.

You have to invite everyone who's on your "Invite" menu. Unless you've done a whole buncha chatting up in the bar, that should only be a couple of people in addition to Magnet and Mike. If you have a lot of people to invite, other invitees may start to leave while you're still on the phone. Just turn on the radio, stereo or jukebox and most of them should head over and start dancing (that'll keep 'em occupied while you're working through your phone book). Once everyone's there (including Kim and Anna/Josh), click on the amp, microphone or guitar and select "Perform your song". Once you're done, you'll be prompted to declare your love, so click on Anna/Josh and select "Declare love". Congratulations, you've completed story mode and are ready to go into free-play mode. The Backyard and Penthouse scenarior should now be unlocked, too.

Here's a weird ending for you The game starts you with a negative "Justice" meter so you have time to complete the story without having to worry about triggering an argument with Anna/Josh over their cleaning ability (or lack thereof). An argument won't break the story line, but it does add an unnecessary complication. Anyway, while playing Anna and right after declaring love to Josh, the Justice meter caught up with me. The scene went something like this:

Anna performs her song, all of the guests are excited, amazed and enthusiastic. After taking her bows, she runs over, tells Josh how he really revs her engine, makes her heart go pitty-pat and puts the sugar in her coffee. They have a nice, long romantic kiss while the guests stand around, applaud and think, "awww, ain't that sweet". Kim gets extremely jealous (I never bothered to buy a TV, so using the Romance Channel to fill that need was not an option) and decides to run out on the patio to cry. All of Anna's friends crowd around Josh to congratulate him (the game released control of the characters at this point and that's where they all decided to walk to). Anna muscles her way through the crowd and starts an argument with Josh (probably about how he's a lazy bastard who never cleans or repairs anything unless someone holds a gun to his head and how if he wants to be dipping into Anna's candy jar, he'd better get his act together) and goes ballistic on him. Josh just stand there with a "what did I do?" look about him and all of the guests ran out the door to go home. What a great end to a party.

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