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Stumbled across a petition addressed to Namco Bandai asking them to either ditch their plans to release their PC port of “Dark Souls” on GFWL in favor of releasing through Steam or to at least release it through both. My only experiences with the GFWL client software were with “Halo 2” and “Fallout 3”. “Halo 2” wasn’t too bad once you managed to get the game started, but my FO3 experience was so bad that I eventually resorted to turning GFWL off entirely and have successfully avoided any GFWL games since.

I haven’t signed the petition since it involves a game that is way down on my “want to play” list, but the link will take you to the petition if it’s on yours (the PS3 and XBox versions have decent ratings on Metacritic). I suspect that the release conditions are already a done deal, though. Companies usually don’t make these kinds of announcements if the contracts haven’t already been negotiated and signed.

On a side note, I remember Bandai as a toy company that made the most awesome 1:48 scale model tanks. No idea what they’re up to today (aside from game publishing, obviously), but if their game quality is anywhere near the quality of their models, maybe I need to move that game up the list.