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I argued with myself, somewhat loudly at times, over whether to pre-order Mass Effect; Andromeda (MEA) and finally succumbed. The decision was spurred somewhat by the overall quality of Dragon Age: Inquisition and the hope that Bioware had learned from its mistakes with ME3. I could not bring myself to pay for Origin Access since I already own the games that interest me and MEA was the only coming release on my radar, so early access was not a cost-effective option. The short version boils down to the fact that I intend to preload it over the coming weekend, but will not be able to play it until it unlocks on Tuesday night.

I am still somewhat leery of issues with MEA, so intend to approach the game in the same way that I did with ME3: a series of first impressions-style posts as I work my way through the game. I do have the capability of recording and posting on YouTube, but probably do not have the time to engage in any extensive editing. We’ll see, but count on posts about MEA appearing starting late Tuesday or early Wednesday.