Archive for September 30th, 2017

There are upsides and downsides to having an email address that’s fairly easy to find. Downside: spam; upside: people with questions or comments.

I received an email from someone who had found the Beginner’s Guide to Daggerfall, found it useful, and asked whether I still played. I had to admit that it had been way too many years since I had fired up the game, so made it a point to reinstall it and spend some time wandering the Iliac Bay. Big mistake. There is way too much that I have forgotten in 20 years (yes, it has been about that long since the game was released), and way too much that I remember. My current gaming project (which had better be taking a back seat to Grad School) is to update the Guide and redo as much of it as possible in video format. There are a few YouTubers who have done or are doing Daggerfall “Let’s Play” videos, but since I’m not a Twitch kinda guy (at my age I’m not twitchy enough), but there are enough mistakes in the current crop to warrant a more reasoned voice of experience. Keep your eyes peeled.

As a side note, in firing up the game again, I find myself being relatively active on the Daggerfall subreddit ( Questions are always welcome